Mystery Monday - Family wiped out in a period of a month due to trains!

When researching my Skibbe family in Chicago I came across this article in the newspaper article.  I later sent for the Coroner's report that I will share at another time.  I cannot find any connection to my Skibbe's.   Here is the sad story of a family destroyed by train accidents.

  Two hours after paying for the burial of their son, who was killed by a train a month ago, Mr. Skibbe, his wife, and their little daughter were killed by a Burlington train at Sixteenth street and Ashland avenue yesterday.  They were riding in a carriage owned by the undertaker they had just paid.

Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Aug. 1, 1903; ProQuest Historical Newspapers Chicago Tribune (1849-1985) page 2.

Recommendation of Coroner's Jury at Inquest of  Skibbe Family -
Censure for Burlington Road.

  Reduction in speed of all trains entering Chicago on tracks which are not elevated was the recommendation made by a coroner's jury yesterday.  The jury also censured the Burlington railroad company in connection with the death three weeks ago of Albert Skibbe, Mrs. Elvina Skibbe, and Dorothy Skibbe, 9 years old, the evidence showing that the train was moving at high speed.
  In arriving at the verdict the jury held that many grade crossing accidents resulted from the high speed at which some trains enter the city and recommended that the speed be reduced as a precaution against similar accidents.
  Skibbe lived with his family at 847 Girard street, and he and his family were killed while driving over the crossing at Ashland avenue and Sixteenth street.  According to Deputy Coroner Hyland the jury also believed that the towerman should have been in his place and that the gates should have been down.

Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Aug. 13, 1903; ProQuest Historical Newspapers Chicago Tribune (1849-1985) 


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