Thrifty Thursday -Favorite Free Ohio Genealogy Resources

I have been researching in Ohio for the Izor, Poundstone, Zeck and a few other families.   I found the following resources to be very helpful in my search for family records:

Ohio Death Certificate Database 1913-1944 is free to view and $7.00 to order death certificate copy.  Which is a good buy since some of the counties charge more than $7.00.

Preble County Ohio genealogical and historical records at has scans of the original records attached.  It seems a good deal of my relatives came through or lived in Preble County.

Free Ohio Genealogy Society databases (more information available for members) :

 The Ohio Memory website has sources from 354 repositories including grave registrations, deeds, and military records, visit and run a few of your own searches.


Nancy said…
I'm an Ohio geneablogger, too! I often go to the Archives Library at the Ohio Historical Society. One thing I learned is that it's better to go to FamilySearch for the Ohio death certificates than to order them from OHS. The FS versions are free, enlargeable, and downloadable. Plus the FS search engine is better than the one on the OHS website and covers more years.
Amy Urman said…
I am going to play on FamilySearch and see what I can find. Thanks for the tip!
Stephanie said…
Hello from another Ohio geneablogger! I second the FS version of death certificates. It's amazing what I have found there. Another great resource if you are looking near Hamilton County is

So many good resources for Ohio! Good luck on your hunt! (Funny enough, I know an "Izor!")
I'm not from Ohio, but have many family lines from there. I also love using FamilySearch for Ohio information. Thank you for these other links, I'll have to check them out.
Donna McManus said…
Wonderful Ohio resources. I'm an Ohio researcher, focusing on NW Ohio/Toledo area. Someone else mentioned the free death certs over at FamilySearch--that's the best way to go for death certs from about 1908 through the 1950s. Another good resource for Ohio graves is the Ohio Gravestone project at
Gloria Bauer Ishida said…
Using FamilySearch again, go to the Historical Record Collections for US and find Diocese of Toledo, Catholic Parish Records. Some of these are more complete than others but are invaluable for anyone with Catholic ancestors (for me on my Dad's side of the family.
Amy Urman said…
Thank you for sharing Gloria!

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