Family History Expo - January 20-21, 2012

The Arizona Family History Expo is just around the corner.  The event is January 20th and 21st in Mesa.  Visit Arizona Family History Expo to register for the event.

I am looking forward to seeing some of my fellow Pima County Genealogical Society members that I have convinced to attend the Expo.  Too bad the expo is on our regular meeting day, we will leave Barbara Salyer and the rest of the society members to hold their own while we gather new info to share with the group.

I am also looking forward to seeing Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems, catching up with some of my favorite vendors - perhaps check in to some digital scapbooking????? and checking in with Bruce Buzbee and the RootsMagic crew.  I promised to assist our wonderful member Colleen McHugh during her dinner break presentation What do Skeletons and Family History Have In Common?  I will also be looking forward to seeing my fellow Geneabloggers and meeting some new folks while I am there.  Aren't genealogists some of the nicest and friendliest folks around!

This year the expo is offering Free Book Scanning.  FamilySearch is offering to scan your family history book and give you a digital copy on a flash drive provided by FamilySearch for your convenience.  See Book Scanning for additional information and to sign up online to reserve time for your scan. 

Don't forget to take advantage of the Ask-the-Pros.  The sign up should be up and available at Ask-the-Pros shortly.  Come in with a question and leave with a solution!


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