Flip-Pal and the car dealer

I had put it off long enough, it was time to take the car in for it's maintenance.  The only reason I had put if off was the time involved sitting around at the dealer.  This time I packed ahead of time.  I grabbed my unfinished Christmas cards, two stacks of photos from Grandam Eva's estate and my Flip-pal.  I finished the cards in the first thirty minutes.  I then moved on to the photos.  I pulled my Flip-pal out, set up a little processing area (one arm of the chair for photos to be scanned, and the other arm for photos that have been scanned) and began scanning.  I went through about fifteen photos before the first person approached and asked me what I was doing.  I explained the Flip-pal, gave them a demonstration and the man walked away after asking for a pen and paper to write down the name of the scanner.  I scanned about ten more photos before the next person approached.  This time it was a man and wife.  I went through the explanation and a demonstration.  They wrote down the info on the scanner and disappeared.  Next the salesman came over.  "What are you doing?", again with the explanation and demonstration.  I have now been at the dealer for about an hour.  I had a chance to finish up one stack of photos and went on to the second stack.  Guess what, more folks came into the service area and again I explained the product and  performed demonstrations - three more times to be exact.  Thank heavens the car was done, I was out of photos - total scanned forty five- and the lady next to me decided after my demonstration that we were best friends and she was telling me all about her age spots and bladder issues.

I love my Flip-pal, perhaps I should work for them and then I would be getting a commission on all the sales I generated during my time at the dealer.  I have heard some buzz that folks prefer to save their photos in a tiff format rather than jpeg. You can use the Flip-pal to scan the photos, upload them to your computer and then save them in tiff rather than jpeg.  For more information on the Flip-pal visit http://flip-pal.com/  Happy scanning!


Yet another use for the flip pal. You are brilliant and I may just have to copy your idea sometime.

PS Right on about the tiff format.

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