My Other Life

Sheri Fenley at the The Educated Genealogist  posted "My Other Life" a listing of what occupies her time when genealogy doesn't.  I thought I would own up to my own misguided life.

I some times work as a private investigator.....

I sew.  I make ornaments with glass, solder and images of my family. My husband and I make spoon rings and I use the remnants to make ornaments.

I watch CSI, Bones, Castle, Law & Order, The Closer, PanAm and the Big Bang Theory.  I watch Lifetime and Hallmark movies that make me cry.

I cook and bake.

My husband and I have one child left at home that resides with us when she is not at Northern Arizona University - the rest are out of the house - so we have upped our traveling.

I play with my dogs and cuddle with my old tom cat Frank.

I do Suduko, read mysteries and romance novels.


Love Soduku!

This may be a silly question but are spoon rings what it sounds like they are?
Amy Urman said…
Yes it is! Gary and I pick up spoons at garage and estate sales and make them into jewelry. My girls love them. I pound the spoons bowl down and make ornaments out of them.
Sheri said…
So glad to know that you know the way to the Unholy Abyss also. I am certainly in good company!

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