Family History Expo Mesa Arizona - Opening Day

What a wonderful  day.  The Expo brought renewed acquaintances and new friends  I really enjoyed seeing fellow Pima County Genealogy members .  The opening keynote by Arlene Eakle was very enjoyable.  Arlene shared several ideas and stories of researching.

I took the opportunity to hear Lisa Louise Cooke speak twice.  Once on Evernote and again on  Common Surname Searches in Google.  Each  I hear her talk I learn something  new or remember something I had forgotten about.  I am ready to download Evernote and formulating new searches on Google.

Colleen McHugh did a presentation during the diner hour in the Ballroom.  Michelle Goodrum and I happily helped Colleen out my passing  and gathering  entries for her drawing for RootsMagic5 that the folks at RootsMagic so nicely donated.
Colleen McHugh  during her dinner time presentation

The last  program of the day was by Ruth Maness, AG.  Her topic was “What Do I Do Now?  Tools For Effective Family Tree Analysis.  She  took us through the research process, first looking at what we have and then trying to fill in the gaps of missing research.  She also pointed out the different regional and denominational  records that may be located.

I also broke down a purchased some software to begin digital scrapbooking.  They assured me the even I could  make beautiful pages with my family photos.  As usual Roots Publishing has  warmed u up my credit card - I purchased a book for myself and for my dear friend Barbara Salyer.

I also had the opportunity to purchase Lisa Louis Cooke’s new book  Everything  You Need to Know About How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers - and had it personalized to Princess Amy!  Thank you Lisa!


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