Family History Expo Mesa - Day 2

I finally had a chance to make it through the vendor area!  There are some wonderful products.  I talked to Amy Herzog at  again because she was such a pleasure to talk to yesterday.  I will soon be taking the plunge into the digital world.  I also had the chance to talk to the Creative Continuum. They are a short run publisher and family history publisher.  They also have a series of three CD's to teach photo retouching.
The Underhill's of Creative Continuum

Rebecca Vastine and son with a sample of her wooden family chart
I also wanted to let everyone know about My Vintage Roots.  They make amazing wooden family charts.  You can see additional samples of their skills at  They are an Arizona company located in Prescott.

Speaking of charts, if you want a family chart produced on paper you should head over to Janet Hororka's   Family Chartmasters.  She had many samples displayed at the expo and she has been producing beautiful charts for the last several years.  Janet also has a blog at The Chart Chick.  

Jill Woodbury's talk If Frannie is Buried There, Who is Patricia?, was interesting and entertaining.
The last session I attended was a program by Arlene Eakle.  Arlene, as usual, had some eye opening sources for researching - this time in Pennsylvania.
 Sherri Hessick, Amy Urman, & Colleen McHugh-Tucson Troublemakers and Pima Count Genealogical Society  members

All and all I had a wonderful time at the Expo.  I know from the folks I had a chance to talk to that they had a positive experience and learned some new tricks.  See you next year at the Expo!


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