How I got bit by the genealogy bug....

It was an innocent request that has taken up quite a bit of my free time and money.  When I became pregnant for the first time I was so excited, the doctor not so much.  He decided to send me to a  geneticist.  Why?  Marfan Syndrome ran in my family, as did diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.  The assignment from the geneticist - family pedigree, family medical history and any death certificates  I could locate for members of my family that had passed.

The request for the information had me speaking to relatives, requesting death certificates, ans searching for answers.  Even after the geneticist had all the information he needed - I still needed more.  The search has lead me to many interesting characters.  A great great grandmother that married a already married man, a great great uncle  struck down my lightening, a great grandmother that refused to marry after becoming pregnant, a grandfather's whose age changed often,  many that served in the military, and pioneers to the Midwest to name a few.  What began as a request for information about thirty years ago has lead to hunt that has yet to end.  The search has also lead me to Salt Lake, many towns in Illinois and Indiana, numerous courthouses, county historical societies and libraries.

I also believe that initial request may have helped me decide to get my Private Investigators license.  I became a champion record chaser, people finder, courthouse junkie, and questioner - all the things I needed to become a good private investigator.


Ed Hamilton said…
your content is being stolen:

see Thomas MacEntee's article that tipped me off:
Amy Urman said…
Thank you for the heads up Ed. Read more about this splogger at Thomas McEntee's article

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