Illinois Research - Digitized colletions

I am getting ready to visit family in Illinois and decided to get my to do list completed.  There are several books I need to check out located in various libraries in the area.  I decided to check the several online catalogs of nearby universities to see which of the books I needed where located where.  Imagine my surprise when I found quite a few of the books I needed online and digitized.  Here are a few of the digital books I located through the University of Illinois:
Fayette County in the World War, by Hanes, Rederick M., published in 1922,
Historical encyclopedia of Illinois, by Bateman, Newton published 1901-1902

by Allen, Frank M. Published 1914
by Smith, John W. Published 1876

I think I will spend part of the day checking the other universities online catalog to see what else I can cross of the list.  


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