Top Ten List: What I Wish I'd Known When I Got Started In Genealogy

A blog prompt  from Crista Cowen of   "What I Wish I'd Known When I Got Started In Genealogy" got me thinking of all the things I wish I had known.  So here are my Top Ten:

 1.  Never add anyone's research to your database until it has been thoroughly researched and sources have been checked.

 2.  Interview the living as soon as possible, they won't always be there, do it now!!!!!

 3.  Read every line of every form, document, and always look at the original yourself.

 4.  Always record your research, both positive and negative findings.

 5.  Cite your sources.

 6.  Research your location thoroughly.  Find out if and when state and county boundaries changed.  

 7.  Re-run your searches on the internet. New information is constantly being added to the web.

 8.  Never take no as an answer from the courthouse.  Try another day and another clerk.

 9.  Learn to utilize your genealogy software to it's full potential.

10. Never accept just one sources as gospel. For example, a death certificate is only as good as the information the informant provided.  


Mary Anne said…
Yes citeing all your information is so very important. Al;so going back to a document later after adding more information you just might find a clue you did not underdstand the first time.

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