Genealogy and Time or lack thereof

I have been so busy trying to finish up paperwork for our genealogy society (Pima County Genealogy Society), it seems I have my hand in everything from speaking to planning, tax forms to policies & procedures, and do a little PI work that I have not had too much free time to "play" with my family history.

I have committed myself to get fixing my genealogy database, mainly fixing  incorrect citations and citations that have printed out incorrectly (I have not quiet figured out why some of them do not have the part of the source in italics).  Some of my sourcing was done incorrectly, before the Evidence book was published and before I knew what I was doing.  My husband who calls me a Citation Nazi  has been trying to figure why I have the need to correct everything - I think I have some great fear that one day Elizabeth Shown Mills will see my citations and tsk tsk my incorrect sourcing.

 I have almost finished scanning photos I removed from my mother's clutches over the summer.  I still have photos to go through that my cousin Irene Baker gave to me.  It is now months later and I still have not thanked her for the copies of the photos.

I have treated my self to locating a few relatives in the 1940 census.  I now play a game called do the boring stuff for an hour and you can look for one family in the 1940 census.  It has made the tedious work more enjoyable but I do not seem to be making quick progress.

October brings talks at other genealogy society's, presentations at the Pima County Library for Family History Month, a presentation at the Oasis Institute,  a Pima County Genealogy Society luncheon on German Research, visiting one of our daughter's in Flagstaff, a dinner party, spending time with the in-laws in Sonoita, the beginning of my baking for the holidays and the start of holiday shopping.  My sewing table is glaring at me, knowing that I should be working on Christmas projects and my craft table keeps trying to lure me away.  I feel like I am whining but somehow it seems that I have lost time........

Now on top of everything else one of my daughters is getting married.  Juliana and Alex plan to be wed here in Tucson (they both live in North Carolina) which leaves me to take care of most everything.  I have booked the historic Stillwell House in downtown Tucson for the event and reception.  Now all I need is  a photographer, flowers, invitations, the kids to get registered, table decorations, a DJ, liquor (they serve your liquor at the Stillwell House), thank you gifts, guest book, card holder  and oh yeah,  my mind and time!  Here's to hoping when they come in to visit in December they can whittle the list down for me!


Wow! You are busy! Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding. Dare I say wedding plans might take over you life for a few months?
Amy Urman said…
The wedding is definitely going to play a big part in the upcoming months! The wedding is at the end of April and we will be having family in from all over the United States! Going to get some genealogy snuck in while the families are gathered together. I am also looking at making transparencies of family members weddings to affix to the vases for the centerpieces. A genealogy wedding if I do say so myself!

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