Mesa Family History Expo - January 18-19th Tips for the best expo experience!

The Family History Expo in Mesa will open this Friday the 18th and continue through January the 19th.  Here a few tips to make the most of your expo experience:

1.  Bring address labels!  It will speed up entering drawings and your name and address will be easy to read.  Just add your email to the form and you are good to go.

2.  Pack a snack and a water bottle.  The vendor lines get long at times and that snack may just save you from starving.

3.  Be patient!

4.  Review your book titles and keep track of the books you are on the look out for.  I have purchased the same book three times over the last few years until I started keeping my library on Librarything.  Now when I go to a conference I can bring a printout or access it on my phone.

5.  Bring business cards/calling cards with your email and or blog address for new genealogy friends to stay in touch after the expo.

6.  Dress in layers - some rooms are warm and some are cool - be prepared.


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