52 Ancestors: #1 William Adolph Emil Skibbe

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William Skibbe WWI

William Adolph Emil Skibbe was born on the 3rd day of November, 1890 in Chicago, Illinois.[i]  He was the first son born to Wilhelm Gustav Skibbe and his wife Julia Ann Panzer.  I have found information to confirm that William had eight siblings - four sisters: Meta "May", Ella, and Ruth "Olga" and four brothers: George, Arthur, Edward, and Louis.  Some researchers include a sister born in Germany by the name of Frieda that was born and died in Germany in 1887, I have not yet found proof that she existed.  William and three of his siblings were born in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.  The youngest five children were born in Indiana - two in Laporte and two in the town of North Judson.  
     William was baptized at the St. Matthew Evangelical Church in Chicago on 6 December 1890.[ii]  Witnesses to the baptism were Adolph Blank, Emil Buhnke, and Minnie Panzer.  The 1900, 1910 and 1920 census records indicate that William lived in Indiana.[iii] [iv] [v]   He served in the military during World War I.[vi]  
Clara and William Skibbe 1953
     William enrolled in the Greer College of Automotive Engineering in 1920.  William married Clara Emma Miottel on 14 September 1921 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.[vii]  William   The couple lived at 1837 S 62nd Avenue in Cicero, Cook, Illinois and William worked as a mechanic.[viii]    
     The couple adopted Viola Gollnick in 1921 after the death of William’s sister Meta and her husband Charles Gollnick.  Their son William was born in 1923 and a daughter, Lorraine, in 1934. 
     William was the proprietor of Skibbe Brothers Tire, 116 Pershing Road in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.[ix]  He and his brother Edward ran the business taking turns sleeping at the shop to always be available for their clientele – they specialized in tire repair and sales.
     William died in 1961 at the age of 70 of Cerebral thrombosis in Niles, Cook, Illinois.[x]

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