Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM): Christmas Stories

When we were little, every Christmas my mother would have us listen to "The Cinnamon Bear" radio show.  We would listen almost every day starting after Thanksgiving to the adventures of Paddy o'Cinnamon and siblings Judy and Jimmy Barton.  The Barton's lost their Silver Star that belonged on their Christmas tree.  The radio show takes you through the adventure as Jimmy and Judy try to recover the star in Maybeland.  They run into the Crazy Quilt Dragon, The Wintergreen Witch, Penelope the Penguin and many others.

I know my brother and I would listen attentively while the show aired - it was a station in Chicago that replayed the original.  The show originally broadcast in December of 1937.  The radio show is available at Cinnamon Bear.  

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Anonymous said…
My father, who grew up in Chicago, also listed to the Cinnamon Bear as a child. As soon as he learned it was available on audio tape he bought it and it became part of my childhood as well. I found it on itunes a few years ago, too.

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