SCGS DNA Day and Jamboree - It's started!

Well I am all checked to the Jamboree.  I have my volunteer badge and I am ready to start my duties as room monitor for  the Digital Workshop.  The hotel has a lot of folks wandering around with their red Jamboree bags ready to learn all about DNA and attend one of the many workshops being offered.  This is the first time that the Jamboree has offered workshops.  I think it will be a worth while undertaking  for the society.

Yesterday Leslie Carney and I utilized the society library.  I  found some new leads and can not wait to do some more research.  I have to tell you the ladies at the library are awesome.  We were welcomed and helped even with the constant ringing of the telephone.  I guess the day of and the day before the Jamboree have the phone ringing with questions!  The ladies took it all in stride.  They also directed us to some nearby stores were we found lunch. I am looking forward to seeing what this day will bring.

Tomorrow will be even busier with more attendees checking in and even more opportunities to learn something new.    I am looking forward to seeing what the exhibitors have to offer.  See you there!


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