Very Funny my Friends - I am a Tombstone Toucher, a Headstone Fondler, etc.

OK, so I have been getting teased for the last few weeks about a video that the local newspaper did.  It all started innocently enough, a reporter calls me and wanted to ask questions about FindAGrave - that lead to a discussion on tombstone symbolism.  The reporter asked if I could meet her at one of the cemeteries and show her some of the symbols I was talking about.   Of course, really, what genealogist would turn down any trip to a cemetery.  Anyway, she asked if she could video me talking about symbolism. Not a problem,  but she caught me a few times "fondling"  a few headstones and video taped me at times I did not know she was shooting (she was using her phone to record).  I did not think it was so apparent, you can judge for yourselves.....the video can be viewed at:

So yes my dear friends, I confess.  I do fondle tombstones, pet headstones, and touch markers.  I can't seem to help myself.    


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