SLIG 2016: A Learning Experience that will last forever

Leslie Carney - Deed Mapping Class
     January 1st I fell.  I broke my right ankle and dislocated my left ankle.  After passing out from the pain my first thought was SLIG.  I had been waiting forever to go and I was faced with the possibility of waiting another year to attend.  However, my roommate for the event, Leslie Carney, volunteered to help me with all my special needs and the SLIG folks agreed to accommodate me.  Peg Ivanyo worked with the hotel to get me accommodations with a roll in shower and changed the buses to accommodate my wheelchair.
Wheelchair bus access - picture by J. Paul Hawthorne
 Sue Petersen worked with me to have an allergy free meal and kept my spirits up during the event.  Many, and I mean many, wonderful people helped me with doors, rolling my wheelchair, and assisting me during the week.  Good buddy and conference hubby J. Paul Hawthorne kept Leslie and I entertained and also helped push me around.   I am still not an expert on land however I am much more confident after attending Pamela Boyer Sayre and Richard G. Sayre's land class.  I hope Rick did not notice that I was ordering books referenced in his talk while we were in class.  My library has increased with many books purchased from our source list.  I am so glad that I attended the conference.  Mobility wise is was difficult but what I learned and the people I met were worth any pain and discomfort.  My goal for SLIG 2017  - two good legs and perhaps Judy Russell's class......
Loopy!  J. Paul Hawthorne and I - picture by Leslie Carney


I miss you and Leslie already! Yes, SLIG 2017!!! This was such a great experience, learning with friends, learning with new friends, and having a great time! I especially liked the Hilton hotel. Cordial staff, large classrooms, great food, and a great bed to sleep in. Well worth it. Oh, love your pictures! I have more in the vault!
Amy Urman said…
Wish I could make it to the Jamboree but can't afford it without a roommate
Amy Urman said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheri Fenley said…
Amy Dahling! If you had a roommate how certain are you that you will definitely attend?
Email me - might could work something out -
Sheri Fenley
LDC said…
So glad you made it and had a great time!!
Hope I get to see you there next year with two working ankles!

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