Grandma and Grandpa Clark

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Every summer my parents would take my brother and I to visit my grandparents.  They would leave us with them for our vacation - or their vacation which is much more likely the case.  I was always a little sad when our parents dropped us off, perhaps it was a reaction  to the
Grandma and Grandpa with cousins cir 1970
almost hysterical laughter they had when they drove away..We had fun playing with our cousins, seeing family, and just been cared for by our grandparents.

We did learn a few tricks.  Never let Grandpa know you were awake before Grandma got up.  If you did, he would make you eat his oatmeal which you could stand a spoon in.  He allowed no sugar, no milk, no butter, no nothing! Grandpa would come into the room and check to see if you were awake or asleep.  I learned early on to fake sleep.

Grandma always woke up later than Grandpa.  If you could hide out until she woke up you could have anything!  Cereal, eggs, cake, a slice of pie and milk!  She was a wonderful pie make.  Grandma made rhubarb, blueberry, apple - just about any fruit pie.  She made pickles and chow chow to die for.  Her rolls melted in your mouth.  She also made watermelon pickles, not my favorite.  I was always grossed out by the fact that my brother and cousins once gnawed on that watermelon rind.

When it was time to go back to Chicago I would be so sad. I always cried when we drove away.  My grandparents would stand and wave us off -  were they sad or were they holding back their almost hysterical laughter we drove away.


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