March Finally Get Organized - Thanks Dear Myrtle!

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March has been a good month to get all of the tasks completed.  I purposely set aside a minimum of twenty minutes a day to work on my organization and it worked well for me. I shared some photos on my blog, shared memories with family, and attempted to extract some memories from my mother.  I think my family enjoys my sharing of photos on Facebook and the blog the most.  I think the nieces, nephews and my children enjoy pictures of their grandparents, aunts and uncles when they were growing up.  I am thinking about adding some video of some old home movies that we had digitized for all to enjoy.

I spent some time photographing some family keepsakes and hope to share more information about them soon.

I have entered the wives of my first four generations (and a few other wives not in my direct line).  I have been working on entering the children.  I have had to be studious in some of my entries.  Before I had relied on several other's research when entering children.  I have come to believe that there are children that I can not absolutely place with that particular mother and father.  Additional research will be needed to verify family ties.  I wrote up a report on my paternal grandfather and the research I have done so far on his multiple marriages.  I will need to hit the courthouses in Illinois to retrieve documents to further my research.  Luckily, FGS is in Springfield ( this year and I will be visiting the area early so that I may conduct some needed research.

I gave a presentation at our local genealogy society, Pima County Genealogy Society, this month on beginning basics.  The second half of the meeting was how to get ready for a research trip by Jodi Strait.  Prior to the meeting we met for lunch in the cafeteria at the Banner University Medical Center.  There were about twenty five of us that showed up and shared our genea stories and troubles prior to the meeting.  I really enjoy this social time.   We share the latest news, research strategies, and stories of our quirky families.

Next I must try to find the time to attend a Dear Myrtle hangout.  It seems whenever there is a hangout I have work that I need to get done for a client.  Well, there's always next week!


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