#FGS2016 Almost ready for my road trip!

I am driving to #FGS2016 from Tucson, Arizona.  My first goal is to make it to Madison Wisconsin and research at the Wisconsin Historical Society.  The target of my research is my husband's family - Drvaric, Drezdzon, Drezdon, Dresdon, Mikolajczak, Kwiecienski.  I have my research list made and ready to go.

The next target is Forest Park, Illinois to visit  cemeteries where family are buried: Concordia, Forest Home  and  Wunder's cemeteries.  Then on to Ridgewood Memorial to visit my Grandparents graves in Des Plaines.  I may look up some old high school friends and visit the old neighborhood.  

While I am in the area I am going to stock up on some bright green or Chicago Relish as it is also called.  Never heard of Chicago relish?
Image from http://hotdogchicagostyle.com

Here are a few links for you:


Boy, I miss my Chicago Hot Dogs - nothing in Arizona comes close to a real Chicago dog.

The next stop will be in Southern Illinois to visit with relatives in Stonington, Decatur, Taylorville, Findlay and Rochester.

I plan on traveling to both Fayette and Piat counties to locate some court records - I am going to look for copies of all the women my Grandfather Clark married.

I must make time to go to the Illinois Regional Depository in Springfield to nose around records in the counties my family lived in..  I also have an appointment at the Abraham Lincoln Library to see some letters about the settlement of Avena, Illinois.

I will be playing tour guide for good friend Leslie Carney who has never been to Illinois.  I am planning to take her to the Abraham Lincoln Museum (a favorite of mine), the Lincoln Tomb, the Lincoln Home and a free walking tour of downtown Springfield.

I end at the #FGS2016 for several days of fun and interaction with my fellow researchers.

I will keep everyone up to date on my travels, I leave on Monday!


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