Update on the way to #fgs2016

I ran away from home last Monday.  Day 1 I drove from Tucson to Guyman, OK.  I stayed at a  Holiday Inn with great beds. After a good night's sleep, I began day 2.  I drove from OK to Madison,WI.  It was a long drive but I made it!  Day three started with some scrambled eggs before hitting the Wisconsin Historical Society in downtown Madison.

Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison WI

Such a pretty place to be!
I searched microfilms and pulled a bunch check of books.  I left at 6 pm.  I didn't even stop for lunch! I located marriage, birth and death records. I also found quite a few obituaries in Milwaukee's Polish newspaper.

Fancy microfilm readers.

Now I just need to translate them.  I met some great genealogists in the library and really enjoyed walking around downtown and on the University campus.  Good news, I got my 10,000 steps in and I enjoyed every step of it.

Tomorrow I head to Concordia Cemetery in Forest Park, Illinois. I plan to tramp among my relatives and view a wonderful old German Cemetery.  I'll check in soon...


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