Leo Otis Clark 1942-2017

My Uncle Leo "Otis" Clark passed away 10 March 2017.  My Dad is now the only surviving child of  Otis Elmer Clark and Ruby Pearl Poundstone.  Uncle Odie and the Clark family from Stonington has suffered many losses in the family.  In 1968, Bruce Wyman Clark, older brother of Otis, was murdered.  The sheriff took my cousin William Damery and my Uncle Otis into custody for interrogation for the murder. The sheriff played one against the other - hurt feelings ran rapid and the family was divided.  After many years William and Otis discovered what the Sheriff had done and went about repairing their relationship.  In 2009 the real killer of Bruce was arrested and convicted of his murder.  Otis and William both monitored the courtroom during the trial.  Grandpa Otis had before his death had forgiven Bruce's killer.  Many other family members struggled with their feelings when John Joynt was arrested forty years later.  My greatest hope is that Uncle Otis is now in the care of heaven where he can meet up with his brothers, sisters, parents, my daughter, and other family members.  Saturday we will honor our dear Uncle.  Here are a few pictures from his life.
Otis and his dog

1952 Bruce, Odie, Kent Clark

Odies school picture 
Odie and Uncle Julius

Leo Otis (seated) and MaryEllen Clark
Lloyd and Lorraine Clark. March 2017
Otis age 15


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